Uta Guan Hyë

Born in China, currently residing and creating in Ardèche, France.

Uta (guan) received theatrical education in China and conducted research and creative work involving experimentation with visual arts and documentary filmmaking in Paris and Ardèche. She is also the co-founder of XYÄ Edition © (2023), a variable geometry press entity geared towards writing, sound phenomenon and inner engineering technologies of Asian and the Caribbean.

Transcends her own confines by engaging with various dimensions, ecosystems, and events. She navigates between the tangible world and the foundational realm, establishing an intimate nexus through writing, actions, and audio-visually elements characterized by an “infinite spatiotemporal configuration.” Her pursuit is to encapsulate the elusive, unstable, and ever-shifting traces of reality, often imbued with allegorical, and ritualistic qualities.





2023: “One thousand and one Water Droplets”_Visual poetry, encrypted writing system. Written by Uta Guan Hyë. Published by XYÄ edition
2023: “Niǎn Xuě Jí” – a study on Guqin_Sound engineering and materials. Written by Uta Guan Hyë and Allan Gilbert Balon, published by XYÄ edition
2023: “Le premier repas de la vierge” _Concrete and visual poetry, science fiction. Written by Uta Guan Hyë. Published by XYÄ edition

2023: “Rite”, Collective exhibition at the Gallery of the Hotel de Ville in the 13th arrondissement of Paris moving image, sound work, Installation of the book, documents, and found objects
2022: “Mantra of Things As They Are Sometimes”_Site specific installation at MoMA ps1 for Khunstalle gallery part of ‘Greater New York’ exhibition with artist/ composer Allan Gilbert Balon for BlackMass Publishing, Uta was under the name Zou Yang to participate in visual video works

2023 : “Une Aiguille, Reprise” _ Video art_moving image,_ sound work, 3 minutes, 2023
for the exhibition “Rite”
2022: Phénomène Rituel” _ Video art
part 1 _ Imaginary music throughout sound topography and silence _11’02’’ performed by 4/3 unit
part 2 _Contact events of water flow/strong light/colored lenses _3’50’’ performance with sculptural object
2021: “Aïeules” _ Documentary film, 19’57’’, Master’s degree final project in Lussas – Author/director under the name Zou Yang, produced by Ardèche Images, distributed by Cathaplay
2020: “Pacific Bug Signal” _Video art _ 7’08’’. Part of Telepathic Communication projects by YINVCHUSHI
2017: “WhiteChapel” _Video art _sound work. Part of the Telepathic Communication projects by YINVCHUSHI

2022: The film “Aïeules” was screened at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan
2021: Pre-selection by Vision du Réel, the international documentary film festival in Nyon for he World Premiere
2021: Finalist at the APEX Film Awards, London, United Kingdom

Artist Residency
2021: Residency in the arts program of Les Moissons #2 took place at Société Distribution du Sensible, Puget-Théniers, France



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