Art gallery with a focus on contemporary art, and digital art in Metaverse.

Galerie Met was founded in 2023 in Berlin and represents emerging and established artists of various generations, origins, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations. Galerie Met hosts approximately 7 contemporary art exhibitions, 5 digital art exhibitions, and 1-2 non-art/non-profit exhibitions per year in Berlin. In addition to these, Galerie Met also hosts online art exhibitions in the metaverse, offering people the possibility to enjoy art immersively no matter where they are.

Physical gallery

Galerie Met

Marianenstrasse 33

10999 Berlin

Metaverse gallery




Contemporary Art

Our program focuses on radical, interdisciplinary, concept-oriented work, especially in the fields of interactive art, video art, installation art, generative art, as well as painting, photography, and sculpture that push traditional boundaries.

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Represented artists


Galerie Met is a solid supporter of the culture of Web 3.0 and decentralization, and looks forward to contributing to a fair, open, tolerant, enlightened society via new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, etc.

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