Qing Lu:
Uncanny Garden
April 27 – May 24. 2024

*Opening hours: Tue–Sat: 11 – 18 / Mon: Closed

Artists and artworks

Galerie Met represents emerging and established artists of various generations, origins, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientation. Our program focuses on radical, interdisciplinary, concept-oriented work, especially in the fields of interactive art, video art, installation art, generative art, as well as painting / photography / sculpture that pushes traditional boundaries.

Represented and collaboration artists

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Artists of our NFT Collections

Our NFT Collections

We are actively collecting NFT (Non-Fungible Token) via different blockchains such as Tezos, Ethereum and Solana etc to discover and support new artists. We believe NFT as a new art medium will make the current art world more trustful, creative, fair, open, transparent and most importantly, decentralized.