Isu Donggeon Kim

Isu Donggeon Kim (it/its) is a multi-disciplinary performance artist based in Berlin and Isu Mignon Mignonne(異水 謎龍 未姩) is its drag persona. Mignonne in its name doesn’t stand for “cute” in French, but for 미친년 “Mi-Chin-Nyeon” in Korean, which means “crazy b*tch”. In its work, Isu questions how itself appears in this world and twists it through various performative situations, such as drag, lip-sync, lecture, installation, spoken words and more..





Solo Performances
2023: “홍서백동 Hong Seo Baek Dong”, Celestial Festival, Berlin, Germany
2022: “”1/2 Mazo”, Lobe Block, Berlin, Germany
2021: “3 Ways”, les Urbaines, Lausanne, Switzerland
2019: “Whole Hole”, Whole Festival, Gräfenhainichen, Germany

Group Performances
2023: “Temple of Temptation”, Briteny X Festival, Schauspiel Köln, Cologne, Germany 2023: “Endangered Species” Roar Festival, Cologne, Germany
2023: “New Fears #9”, Schlafstein Automaten GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2022: “y is everything so exhausting”, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin Germany
2022: “Tranarchy”, Renate, Berlin, Germany
2021: “Mondo Bizzaro”, Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany
2020: “Maybe we’re paying our price for fucking around with Time ” (Collaboration with Eunju Hong), Blitz club, Munich, Germany
2020: “Endangered Species”, Tanztage, Sophiensäle, Berlin, Germany
2019: “”Hair Trans Plant” (Collaboration with Kathy Méchante), Lecken, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2022: “Yet Yet”, Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany
2020: “Rundfahrt KHB”, Spree river cruise tour, Berlin, Germany
2018: “We are all cyborgs now”, Theater Karlshorst, Berlin, Germany
2018: “Binary sunrise”, Ensba Paris, France
2017: ““SVIPASAFNIĐ””, Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri, Iceland
2017: “la nouvelle chose” Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris, France 2016: “Attentifs ensembles ” Espace jour er nuit culture, Paris

2022: “The nose is always at fault” PAC digital conference, ZHdK, Zürich, Switzerland

2023- : SODA (Solo Dance Authorship) Master of Arts, HZT Berlin
2018-2022: Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Diplom für Freie Kunst (Class of Prof. Hannes Brunner)
2014-2018: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, Diplôme de premier cycle (Class of Guillaume Paris & Emmanuelle Huynh)


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