Max Serradifalco

Max Serradifalco (Palermo, 1978) is a visual landscape artist who lives and works in Italy. In 2011 he developed his first artistic project “Web Landscape Photography” in which he virtually traveled across our planet in search of a new way of observing and reinterpreting the Earth’s landscapes. Serradifalco was among the first artist to have created photographic series with the sole use of satellite maps, via the web. His work tests the boundaries between travel, photography, geography and virtual reality. These are non-manipulated screenshots which, thanks to the attentive and visionary gaze of the artist, “reveal” natural drawings already present on the earth’s surface. Max Serradifalco therefore leads an aesthetic project, but with an ethical and environmentalist purpose, focusing on the grandeur of nature. His works were published in Adobe’s Behance catalog and selected by Saatchi for the Samsung The Frame project. He has had solo exhibition at the Riso Museum in Palermo, at the Giffoni Film Festival, at the Galleria Bianchi Zardin in Milan, at the Exclusiva foundation in Rome. Among the most significant group exhibitions is “We are all Greek” at the Byzantine museum in Thessaloniki. His works are currently present in public and private collections in Europe and the United States.





2023: The invisible elephant, Group Exhibition, Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art, Milan
2023: Gallery Uno, Group Exhibition, (Berlin Art Week), Berlin
2023: Saraceno Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Rome
2022: ArtVerona Fair with Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art
2022: Inside the Myth, Group Exhibition, Pappas mill (Pineiòs festival), Larissa
2022: MIA Photo Fair, Milan with Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art
2021: WAAG. We Are All Greeks, Group Exhibition, Riso Museum, Palermo
2021: WAAG. We Are All Greeks, Group Exhibition, Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki
2020: Laudata Terra, Virtual Exhibition, Vatican Website
2019: Paratissima, Art Fair, Turin
2019: The Satellite Garden, Solo Exhibition, Bangladesh pavilion on occasion of 58th Biennale di Venezia
2019: Affordable Art Fair, Milan with Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art
2019: Max Serradifalco Earth Day 2019. The Spirit of the Earth, Solo Exhibition, Cefalù
2018: The Satellite Garden, Solo Exhibition, Magione Arts District on occasion of Manifesta 12 Palermo
2018: BIAS International Biennial of Sacred Art, Group Exhibition, Palermo
2018: Satellite Photography, Solo Exhibition, Carte Scoperte Gallery, Milan
2018: Earth Flags. Transcending Boundaries, Solo Exhibition, for Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018
2017: SpacEarth. The Satellite Photography, Group Exhibition, LABottega Gallery, Pietrasanta
2017: BAU14 GPS, Group Exhibition, GAMC Museum, Viareggio
2017: Meta Land Art, Solo Exhibition, Riso Museum, Palermo
2016: The Virtual Journey. Visioni Satellitari, Solo Exhibition, Exclusiva Fondation, Rome
2016: MIA Photo Fair, Milan with Bianchi Zardin Contemporary Art
2016: 66° Festival of Italian Song, Group Exhibition, Palafiori of Sanremo
2015: 6 pm Your Local Time Europe, Group Exhibition, Link Art Center
2015: MIA Photo Fair, Milan with Adalberto Catanzaro Contemporary Art
2015: The look and light, Group Exhibition, Sant’Elia Foundation, Palermo
2015: Media Art Festival, Group Exhibition, Musei Capitolini, Rome
2014: Earth. Viaggio Fotografico nel Web, Solo Exhibition, Giffoni Film Festival
2014: ArtFactory, Catania Adalberto Catanzaro Contemporary Art
2013: Web Photography. L’arte del paesaggio tra ‘maps’ e anima, Solo Exhibition, Elle Arte Gallery, Palermo
2013: Arte Padova Fair Adalberto Catanzaro Contemporary Art
2012: Web Landscape Photography, Solo Exhibition, Light CNR, Botanical Garden, Palermo

2015: MIFA (Third Place), E-ART-H, cat. Nature Aerial
2015: MIFA (Honorable Mention), E-ART-H, cat. Fine Art Landscape
2012: IPA (Honorable Mention), Web Landscape, cat. Fine Art Landscape
2009: IPA (Honorable Mention), Old Sicily Country, cat. Architecture Historic

Public collections
Museo Riso, Regional Center of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palermo
Exclusiva Foundation, Rome
Donà dalle Rose Foundation, Venice
Municipal Gallery, Larissa
Luciano Ventrone and Miranda Gibilisco Foundation, Collelongo
Lucrezia De Domizio Durini Collection, Bolognano

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