DaDa, Chloe Gao, Amber Hu, MOses Li, Li Xinyi, Qing Lu, MurphyNile, Marta Pang
Koi Ren, Yangmin (Fred) Su, Guanyu (Gerry) Tao, Ruipeng Wang, Yufan Xie, Shilong Zhu

Opening: December 19. 2023 18:00 – 21:00
Exhibition: December 20. 2023 – January 06. 2024
Mariannenstrasse 33, 10999 Berlin
Curator: Ruizhe Liang, Yi Weihua


In the digital age, our senses merge with the digital interface, creating an ‘Evolutionary Space’ where physical surroundings, IoT, pan-reality tech, and our bodies converge, highlighting the profound connection between humans and their digital environment. Coined by Marshall McLuhan, ‘the medium is the message’ unveils how communication mediums shape society and human perception. In parallel, the post-pandemic era witnesses the emergence of ‘digital nomads,’ signifying a transformation in work, creation, and social interaction. This shift, fueled by urban detachment and rapid digital advancements, prompts young people to embrace a decentralized lifestyle.

Based on this concept, YDG (Youth digital group) collaborates with 706 Youth Space to co-host an exhibition: The Evolutionary Space. The exhibition plans a global tour across multiple cities, aiming to establish simultaneous connections between communities through multi-sensual digital mediums, ushering in a revolutionary form of spatial art exhibition.

Following the first exhibition of The Evolutionary Space in Shanghai October 2023, the second chapter of this global exhibition titled De-Elemental is scheduled to take place in Berlin at Galerie Met December 2023 to January 2024. It focuses on the topic of reverse simulation between the digital and real environments. Under the increasing impact of the digital world, human behavior exhibits lag and compatibility when they transit back to the actual reality. The two environments however also deconstruct themselves and generate their own evolution to accommodate our new behaviors, resulting in continuously derived developmental feedback loops.

De-Elemental collects different creative evidence artists captured within this simulation. Works include generative art, AI algorithmic design, AI-stylized filming and diffusion models, gaming, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and performance. Besides a documentary projection of selected works from the Shanghai exhibition of The Evolutionary Space, Berlin chapter also co-develops new editions with artists site specifically for the new exhibition space, as well as inviting local Berlin artists whose works correspond to the concept.

The main projection showcases video works from DaDa, MurphyNile, Guanyu (Gerry) Tao, Ruipeng Wang, Amber Hu, Shilong Zhu and Yangmin (Fred) Su, which analyse, imagine and replicate nature in different visual perspectives. An immersive soundscape SONARIUM created by artist Yufan Xie translates space and form into a sound narrative that allows us to “hear” the landscape. entry_8fs by MOses Li and lepus by Koi Ren respectively present the micro and macro worlds, blurring the distinction between them through the intervention of different sights-lens. Journey to the self, a VR work by artist Chloe Gao, invites the viewer to have a conversation with his or her past self, exploring the complex structure of identity through the lens of a non-linear narrative. Berlin-based artist Marta Pang brings an audio-reactive visual exploration work titled Element 22, drawing inspiration from one of the strongest and most enduring metals: Titanium. Li Xinyi’s video work What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk with the sky is a pre-conducted game documentation, exploring the privilege of human movement under digital impact. A performance titled ID will be conducted by artist Qing Lu exclusively for the exhibition opening on December 19th, showing the artist’s struggle with the distortion of expression in avatars and self-definition.

Installation view © Galerie Met and the artists.


About YDG:

YDG (Youth digital group) is a platform that brings together pioneering digital artists. Through hosting digital art exhibitions and events across cities, it provides global exposure opportunities for digital creators, helping to expand the international influence of the artist community. The team is initiated voluntarily by young digital artists and collaborates with design education platforms, art media, global youth spaces, and other communities to create a co-building, co-creative, and shared digital media art platform for young digital artists, young curators, and technology art researchers from around the world.


About 706 Youth Space:

Operated by and for the youth, 706 Youth Space is a dynamic platform for hosting a range of events, from insightful public discussions and cultural showcases to movie screenings, themed parties, and collaborative co-living experiences. The community is operated as a decentralized network, providing a free ground for youths to connect and establish individual groups, spaces or events. With over a decade of history, 706 Youth Space is at the heart of the world’s largest Chinese-speaking youth community, spanning millions of youth individuals worldwide.