Marcel Schwittlick

Marcel Schwittlick is a Berlin-based artist who uniquely blends digital and physical art through the use of drawing machines and algorithmic systems. His work spans generative art and plotter art, where he transforms digital cursor-lines into intricate, tangible artworks. Schwittlick draws inspiration from generative aesthetics and computational methods to create geometric patterns that play with the concepts of chance and intention. With a background in computer science and art, he crafts his pieces using vintage plotters and self-developed algorithms, embracing the machines’ quirks to explore the symbiosis between artist and machine. His practice not only visualizes the intricate dance between control and randomness but also includes an auditory dimension through the distinctive sounds produced by the plotting machines during the creation process.





Solo Exhibitions
2023 Despace, Octet, Berlin, Germany
2023 SP2, The Long Run, Berlin, Germany
2022 Galerie Data, AUTO/GRAPH, Paris, France
2022 Bark Gallery Lab, Upward Spiral, Berlin, Germany
2019 Erratum Gallery, Feeling Data, Berlin, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions
2024 Art Dubai, 37x Composition #82 & The Long Run, Berlin, Germany
2024 DAM Projects, Concept Line, 1010 complex lines & Composition #92, Berlin, Germany
2023 Untitled, Miami Beach, It is what it is, Miami, USA
2023 Paris Photo, Grand Palais Ephémère, Composition #92, Paris, France
2023 Kate Vass Galerie, NODE TO NODE, It is what it is Upward Spiral Octet, Paris, France
2023 Expanded Art, Composition #82, Berlin, Germany
2023 SP2, Generative Centipede, Berlin, Germany
2023 NOTAGALLERY, The Long Run, Upward Spiral, Composition #82, Berlin, Germany
2023 Cromwell Place / Verse, Composition #83, London, UK
2023 Expanded Art, Composition #82, Berlin, Germany
2022 The NFT Gallery / Vertical Crypto Art, Composition #82, London, UK
2022 NBX, Upward Spiral, Berlin, Germany
2022 Art Basel Tezos booth, Upward Spiral, Basel, Switzerland
2022 Verwalterhaus, Upward Spiral, Berlin, Germany
2022 Galerija Knifer Group exhibition Osijek, Upward Spiral, Croatia
2021 Zeitraumexit, Never Change A Running System, B-Seite Mannheim, Germany
2021 Salve Domino 3 Berlin, Germany
2021 Multimedijalni Kulturni Centar Split International Student Biennial | Greatest Hits Split, Upward Spiral, Croatia
2021 Espace Croisé Mémoires des autres mondes, Data Totem Roubaix, France
2021 Jogja National Museum Spectrum Optica, 4chan vacation Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2021 Despace Berlin Metaverse Me, So Intimate Berlin, Germany
2020 Future Lab, Art and Design in Education, Shanghai, China, Never Change A Running System
2020 Fahrgemeinschaft,Tag der offenen Tür der Haubrok Foundation ,Never Change A Running System, Berlin, Germany
2020 Pedalmarkt, Ge-Narrative,Upward Spiral, Berlin, Germany
2020 Kunstmatrix, A Moment In Time ,Never Change A Running System, Online
2020 Athens Digital Art Festival,Techno Tribalism, Never Change A Running System,Online
2020 The, Never Change A Running System,Online
2020 Silent Green Kunstquartier, Strange Things,Data Totem,Berlin, Germany
2019 SomoS Art House, Unreal Desires, Data Totem, Berlin, Germany
2019 Art pavillon Cvijeta Zuzoric, 5th Belgrade International Triennial of Expanded Media,Various video works, Belgrade, Serbia
2019 Weserhalle, Auction, Composition #52.139,Berlin, Germany
2019 k48, Extension of Free time, Vienna, Austria
2018 Jogja National Museum, Art|JOG|11 – Enlightenment, Neurodynamics, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2018 Mitte Media Festival, Gallery Fata Morgana | ‘ZKM Connection, 4chan Vacation, Berlin, Germany
2018 ENSA école nationale supérieure d’art, Orbis Terrarum, 4chan Vacation, Limoges, France
2018 Petersburg Art Space, Cool Kid Over, 4chan Vacation, Berlin, Germany
2018 Mühlenhaupthöfe Kreuzberg,Videoart Festival II, 4chan Vacation, Berlin, Germany
2018 Mohsen Gallery, TADAEX, Neurodynamics, Tehran, Iran
2017 Lacuna Lab, Serious Sparkles – Transmediale Vorspiel,Electronic Chaos Oracle,Berlin, Germany
2017 ACUD Ask Something – Transmediale Vorspiel, Let’s sleep on it, shall we?, Berlin, Germany
2017 Spektrum, Graphical Sound in Soviet Russia and beyond / Scope Sessions Exhibition / Cybernetic Choreographies / Digital Motion / Composition #37 & Electronic Chaos Oracle, Berlin, Germany
2017 Jogja National Museum,ART|JOG|10,So Intimate & Composition #37, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2017 Lacuna Lab, Open Studio Exhibition, Electronic Chaos Oracle, Berlin, Germany
2017 Green Art Space, Writings of the World,Electronic Chaos Oracle, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2017 CCCB, The Influencers – Internet Yami Ichi,Electronic Chaos Oracle, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Harwood Museum of Art Permanent Exhibition Taos, Origination Point, New Mexico, USA
2016 Richmix, Incloodu Festival, Kima, London, UK
2016 Zeitraum Exit, Abstracted Intentions, B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, Germany
2016 Spektrum Lacuna Lab Activation Exhibition, Vector Graphics on a Laser & Electronic Chaos Oracle, Berlin, Germany
2016 Open Sky Gallery ICC,ISEA1,Berlin Calling,Hong Kong, China
2016 School for Poetic Computation, Alt-AI Conference,1+2=3,New York, USA
2016 El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Currents New Media, Composition #9.6, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
2016 Panke Culture Scope, Session Exhibition, Electronic Chaos Oracle, Berlin, Germany
2016 Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, Die Werbung, Composition #37, Berlin, Germany
2016 GlogauAir,Retune Festival, Electronic Chaos Oracle Berlin, Germany
2015 Pabellón Cuba, Bienal de la Habana,Origination Point, Havanna, Cuba
2015 Union Chapel, Kima Solo Performance, London, UK
2015 Bei Ruth,Versuch einer Arbeitsdarstellung #4, Composition #9.6, Berlin, Germany
2015 Spektrum,Geek Market, Generative Engravings, Berlin, Germany
2015 Chelsea Space, LIVE, Propeller, London, UK
2014 Haus der Kulturen der Welt,Transmediale Afterglow,Artificial Out of Body Experience, Berlin, Germany
2014 Lehrter17, Unrender #1 & #2, true/false & Stroke, Berlin, Germany
2014 Panke, Bolt #1, Imaging Move & Stroke, Berlin, Germany
2014 Phoenix Gallery, The New Sublime, So Intimate, Brighton, UK
2014 Kunsthaus Bethanien,The It Show, Diagnosis, Berlin, Germany
2013 Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance, Find Your Doppelgänger, Berlin, Germany
2012 Diversity Art Gallery The Wavement, Berlin, Germany
2012 Artchipellago The Wavement, Berlin, Germany

Artist Talks & Workshops
2023 Radialsystem, Unchained: KI, Krypto & Kunst, Panel, Berlin, Germany
2023 Cromwell Place / Verse, NFT & Metaverse, Panel, London, UK
2023 Cromwell Place / Verse, Odysseys, Artist Talk, London, UK
2022 A Historical Journey of Art and Technology (Tezos x Art Basel), Panel, Basel, Switzerland
2022 Arbitrarily Deterministic, Podcast, Berlin, Germany
2019 Städelschule SAC, Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany
2018 Retune Festival, Panel, Berlin, Germany
2018 Greenhouse Art Space, Artist Talk, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2017 Yogyakarta University of the Arts, Workshop Generative Composition, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2017 SPICED Academy, Artist Talk, Berlin, Germany
2017 Zürich University of the Arts, Artist Talk, Zürich, Switzerland
2016 Scope Sessions, Artist Talk, Berlin, Germany
2013 Arte Creative, Video Interview, Berlin, Germany

2016 ISEA, Official Selection Open Sky Gallery, Berlin Calling, Hong Kong, China

University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Media Computing, 2010-2013, Berlin, Germany
University of Arts Berlin, Art & Media / Generative Art, 2019 – 2022, Berlin, Germany


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