Hanna Kaminski

Hanna Kaminski was born in San Francisco, she lives and works in Berlin. She started studies of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in the class of Michael Riedel. She then continued her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated as Meisterschülerin of Valérie Favre. In her artistic work, Hanna Kaminski uses the medium of painting to free herself from pre-existing motivic ideas, which allows her to find her own and new formal language. Traces of overpainted layers speak of the time and the process of her work. Always on the border of the recognizable, already seen, the figures elude to all to quick interpretations. In 2023 she was Finalist for the Ketterer Art Masterclass Prize, in 2021 she was nominated for the Hans-Purrmann Prize and in 2019 she was Finalist for the Art Award junger westen. Her works have already been shown in solo exhibitions at studio4berlin, by Galerie Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin and Galerie Philipp Anders, Leipzig.





Solo exhibitions
2024: Structure of feeling, solo exhibition, studio4berlin, Galerie Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin
2021: Lauf, Mickey!, Galerie Philipp Anders, Spinnerei Leipzig

Group exhibitions
2023: Art Auction 11, Weserhalle, Berlin
2023: Instance of Sharing: b, Kunstverein Nürtingen, Nürtingen
2023: Instance of Sharing: a, Galerie Brutal, Hanover
2023: Art Matters Summer 2023, Landscapes, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne
2023: Ketterer Art Masterclass Prize 2023, Munich
2022: Class Valérie Favre Berlin (Part II), Galerie C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2022: Enter the Limelight, Raum für Sichtbarkeit, Berlin
2022: Excuse me, where is the Rabbit Hole?, Luftschutzbunker Kaiserdamm, Berlin
2022: Soft grid, Studio Hanniball, Berlin
2022: Zirkus, Exhibition of the Valérie Favre Class, Villa Grisebach, Berlin
2021: Optotype, p145, Berlin
2021: Exhibition for the Hans Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer 2021, Speyer
2021: Pulling & Opening, p145, Berlin
2021: ca boo dle, Bistro 21, Leipzig
2021: Armin Sandig Prize, Freiheitshalle Hof, Hof
2020: Featured in #takingoverkunsthallehh Hamburger.kunsthalle and by Franziska Reinbothe
2020: Bezüge II, Konnektor Forum für Künste, Hannover
2020: Aus der Radierwerkstatt der HGB Leipzig, Galerie Art Gluchowe e.V., Glauchau
2019: Unsere Meinung, Class Exhibition, Brühl, Leipzig
2019: Kunstpreis junger westen 2019, Painting, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen, Mehrzahl, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig

Prizes / Scholarships
2023: Finalist of the online competition art matters Sommer 2023, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne
2023: Finalist for the Ketterer Art Masterclass Prize, Munich
2021: Finalist for the Hans-Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer
2020: Nomination for the Armin Sandig Prize, Freiheitshalle Hof
2019: Nomination for the Kunstpreis Junger Westen, Painting, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen

2023: Master Student by Valérie Favre – Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
2021-2023: Studied Fine Arts by Valérie Favre at Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
2019-2021: Studied Fine Arts by Michael Riedel at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany
2018-2021: Studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany


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